Astranti CIMA Management Integrated Case Study Tuition Videos - Part 1,2 and 3

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Product Overview

The case studies are difficult to pass with around 40-50% of people typically failing each sitting.

That’s rarely because people don’t understand the theory – they’ve proven they can do this at the objective test exam stage.

It’s not because people don’t know the pre-seen – most people research this very well.

It’s primarily because people don’t fully understand what it takes to pass a case study.

They don’t know how to:

  • produce answers that meet the examiner’s needs
  • play the role assigned in the exam
  • plan effectively
  • manage their time to create balanced answers
  • write answers that score high marks

Having helped thousands of students to pass the case study, Peter Stiff, Astranti’s case study expert, has pooled his years of experience teaching CIMA case studies and produced over 10 hours worth of video content to show you exactly what you need to pass your CIMA case study exam.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review