Astranti CIMA Operational Integrated Case Study Ethics Pack

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Product Overview

Ethics is one of the most commonly examined topics in the case study exams. CIMA are adamant that everyone that qualifies knows exactly how to deal with ethical issues to ensure a strong public standing for the profession. As a result, they make it a critical part of every case study exam. Just look at the stats in the table to see just how important this is.

If you want to pass CIMA you need to be a master of ethics!

Our ethics pack is here to help because it:

  • Guides you through the way ethics is tested in case study exams
  • Takes you through the types of ethical issues that you may be tested on
  • Provides recommendations directly from the examiners’ post-exam reviews
  • Gives you a structure to use to score highly on ethics questions
  • Tests your knowledge with ethics based questions and solutions

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review