Managing Exam Result Anxiety

12th Oct 2020

Managing Exam Result Anxiety

The end of the academic year can be an extremely exciting, albeit stressful period for many students. As we scramble to try and complete the goals we set at the beginning of the year, it is easy to feel burnt-out and overwhelmed by the pressure this causes. Long exam sessions and and an even longer wait for results can begin to take their toll on our bodies and our minds. 

Take a deep breath. We’ve got some tips to help you manage your stress levels while waiting for the big news.

Failing an Exam Does Not Make You A Failure

This is the golden rule, yet it is often easy to lose sight of this simple fact. There will be more exams. Pass or fail, one exam result cannot and does not define you. If your results aren’t what you were hoping for pick your head up, dust off your books and try again. The path to success is never an easy one.


Go for a run, take a walk or just get some fresh air. Being active releases a mix of endorphins and ‘feel good’ chemicals that will help take your mind off the wait. Prefer to sit on the couch and watch a movie? Do it. There is no one size fits all solution, all you can do is what works best for you.

Take A Moment

Take a few minutes to settle before viewing your results. Your state of mind has a big impact on how you process information. Take a deep breath. Give your mind time to settle and remember the ‘Golden Rule’.

As human beings we have a tendency to expect the worse and it can be extremely easy to think yourself into a corner. It is highly probable that you did better than you think you did and, if not, there is always another chance around the corner.

Good luck!