Top Tips for Remote Interviews

21st Aug 2020

Top Tips for Remote Interviews

'Remote interview’, ‘video interview’ or ‘virtual interview’ - no matter what you call it, this new and intimidating step in the hiring process looks as if it’s here to stay. While the core principles are similar to a regular, face-to-face session, there are some important, often overlooked factors you need to consider while preparing.

Here’s our list of top tips to excel in your next virtual interview:

Arrive Early

The adage ‘If you’re on time, you’re late’ rings true. Arriving early to an interview not only shows good time management skills, but ensures you have time to deal with any unexpected surprises, which might arise. Logging on to your session 5 minutes ahead of time is the virtual equivalent of this. It will give you a moment to test your audio and find the perfect angle to set up your camera. Your interviewer may also log in early and they will be impressed by your punctuality.

Dress Up

It’s easy to fall into a false sense of comfort while engaging in an interview from home. Do some research and find out what the expected dress code at the prospective company is. Some are more obvious due to their industry, (most accounting firms would not find your Nike hoodie all that flattering) but if you’re unsure we recommend overdressing, especially if it’s during your first encounter with the organisation.

Find the Perfect Spot

During a virtual interview, your face is the centre piece. Avoid windows - sitting in front of or next to a window will create an awkward backlight and cause your face to be obscured by shadows. We recommend closing the curtains, shutting the door and taking some time to experiment with some lighting (a simple desk lamp will do). The extra effort will go a long way in helping you seem more presentable and ensuring there are no distractions for the interviewer. If you live with others, ensure that they’re aware of the interview and that you won’t be interrupted or distracted by any loud noises.

Take the video call where your Wi-Fi is Strongest.

Try taking your interview as close to the Wi-Fi router as possible, or better yet, connect to your router via an ethernet cable. A stable connection will ensure a clear picture and no uncomfortable delays in video and audio. Tell the kids to get off YouTube and ensure you’ve paused all ongoing downloads and closed background applications. If your home internet is unstable, it may be worth purchasing a Gig of data on your mobile and creating a Hotspot for the session.

Earphones are your best friend

It may feel a bit strange interviewing with headphones on, but this is highly recommended. The built-in microphones often far outperform the standard microphone found in most laptops, and you won’t miss a word of what your interviewer is saying. Remember to test your mic before the interview. Using a site such as will allow you to do this easily.

If you plan on using wireless headphones, ensure that they are fully charged ahead of time.

Pro-Tip - Use to cancel background noise. is a noise cancelling application that will ensure all background noise is filtered out of your conversation. As an added bonus, it will cancel all background noise on your interviewers end as well. No more awkward ‘can you hear me now's’. To install the programme, simply visit and click the download link.

Job interviews can always seem daunting, even more so when add the variables that come with the online process, however, by following these steps, you’ll be acing your interviews and getting the job in no time.