Astranti CIMA Strategic Integrated Case Study Masterclass 1

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Product Overview

Our case study masterclass is the perfect introduction to the SCS exam, showing you exactly what it takes to pass the exam in a live online study environment that’s fully interactive and allows you to ask questions and clarify understanding as you progress through the day.

Our highly experienced tutor, Peter Stiff, who has now taught over 20 case study sittings, will help you to:

  • Understand what it takes to pass this exam, and what YOU will have to do to ensure you pass.
  • Find out what the examiner says you must do to pass SCS and what you must avoid.
  • Learn the skills of effective planning with our live demonstration of answer planning.
  • Gain an overview of the key points from the current pre-seen.
  • Learn how to use the pre-seen to score marks in the exam.
  • Be prepared for the 10 models most likely to be examined based on the current pre-seen.
  • Learn the writing style that maximises your marks in the exam.
  • Master your time management – the area many students tell us is the biggest barrier to them passing SCS.

Access will be granted within 5-7 working days


(No reviews yet) Write a Review