Astranti CIMA Strategic Integrated Case Study Masterclass 2

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Product Overview

Masterclass 2 comes the weekend before your exam – the perfect time to help you master what is needed to get you those few extra marks to enable you to pass.

Our goal is to bring everything together, answer all your final questions, and ensure you maximise your marks on exam day.

SCS tutor Peter Stiff will again be your guide for the day, ensuring that you:

  • Learn what the examiner is saying are students’ key mistakes and identify which ones you are still making!
  • Learn our top 10 most likely issues in your exam based on the current pre-seen.
  • Identify if you are using the pre-seen information as you should be – the examiner says you must!
  • Based on a script you have written, identify your key personal areas for improvement.
  • Learn our pre-prepared paragraphs based on your pre-seen to score you extra marks in your exam.
  • Hear what our markers are saying about SCS scripts they are marking and what they say you should do to improve.
  • Review our key tips for saving time in the exam to ensure you complete every part on exam day.
  • Learn our top industry examples from our industry pack which you can use to score marks.
  • Share industry examples with others on the day to create a selection of great examples to use in your exam.

Access will be granted within 5-7 working days


(No reviews yet) Write a Review